The City of Parramatta Eisteddfod Society Inc.

Rules,Conditions &Copyright

1. Photography Rules must be strictly adhered to. Click on Photography Rules to download the Photography Rules [.pdf]

2. Rules, Conditions and Copyright apply to competing in the Speech and Drama Eisteddfod. It is essential to familiarise yourself with these Rules. To download the Rules, click on Rules. The Rules can also be found on pages 6 to 9 of the Syllabus.


a) Competitors who have entered a CHAMPIONSHIP or the SCHOLARSHIP must either (a) register their two qualifying adjudication reports with the stage manager AT THE TIME OF PERFORMANCE (preferable) OR (b) bring the reports to the Championship or Scholarship. This is mandatory proof of eligibility to perform in a Championship or the Scholarship. (See Rule 18)

b) In "Own Choice" sections a copy of the selected piece MUST BE HANDED IN to the stage manager before the commencement of the section. Adjudicators have the option of penalties in marking if such a copy is not handed in or if copy is illegible. )